Day 96

1 - Lock grown up

Look who grew up today~! Yay!

2 - Ieremiya growth


3 - ThraxRemia one day

4 - SafeZone one day

One day left…

5 - scavenging

Still nothing cool…

6 - apparel drop

Another breeding opportunity. Sweet!

7 - Lymph familiar max bonding

8 - Lymph's gilded chest

So, it takes a familiar 90 consecutive days of bonding to get it all the way to Awakened to earn a Gilded Chest. Sweet!

Let’s see what’s inside…

9 - open 1

10 - open 2


11 - Theria and familiar

Gave the familiar to Theria since she doesn’t have one yet.

12 - Thrax chest apparel

Gave the apparel to Thrax because blue theme.

13 - lair 1

14 - lair 2

Still thinking of what to do for Day 100. Since I just got a Gilded Chest full of gems, maybe I’ll use all of those to get me a free derg of my choice? Saving my treasure for the next lair upgrade…


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