Day 98

1 - Ieremiya grown up

Ieremiya be all grown up and gorgeous~! Jakob be a lucky derg to get her!

2 - Mani growth

3 - Laria growth

All this growth! Yay!

5 - food gathering

Ran out of seafood, meat, and insects so I had to food gather today. Sorry…

4 - material drop

Material drop = more writing. Whee!

6 - Losis chest apparel

Got some apparel from an Iron Chest while familiar bonding. Losis now has stuff! Yay!

7 - lair 2

So, my Day 100 plan–unless someone comes up with better–is to use all of my current gems (31 at this moment) to purchase one derg of my choice from the Auction House. As of this moment, it will be a beautiful female of any breed to serve as a mate for Losis, Safe and Zone’s first surviving son who has never had a girlfriend.

Sorry, Geri, you’ll need to stay alone for a while longer…


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