Day 100

100 days! I can’t believe we made it this far! Woohoo!

1 - Mani growth

2 - Laria growth

Grow, babies, grow~!

Nothing cool found while scavenging either. No pic required since I’m not getting EXP for it now since I topped Level 30.

3 - trinket drop

OMG, I get a trinket derg on top of getting Losis a girlfriend! Sweet!

6 - trinket derg

7 - Kemia - leukemia

Ooh, pretty Spiral baby from FR user peabug. I think Geri has found a girlfriend~! Might need to rearrange apparel breeding to see who gets the remaining available spots right now.

5 - gem count

Now it’s time to get my Day 100 derg for Losis. Getting him a girlfriend with the gems I got.

Okay, confession time! I accidentally misclicked too fast between two dergs I absolutely loved…so I got two instead of one? Both are from FR user KittyLove.

8 - Day 100 purchase 1

10 - Flin - influenza

I fell for this one because she looked gorgeous…and I really wanted another Mirror. But she has six days until she can breed, while I wanted one off her cooldown to breed with Losis right away. Unfortunately, in my haste to purchase, I grabbed her first. Named her Flin, anagram of the first four letters of influenza.

9 - Day 100 purchase 2

11 - Swiftflight

This lovely little Fae baby right here! I loved her genes and, best of all, I could breed her instantly. Though I purchased Unnamed/Flin by mistake, I couldn’t just ignore her. Since I had the gems, I decided to just grab both and call it a day.

12 - lair 1

13 - lair 2

So now I have two full lair pages worth of dergs. That’s thirty dragons! Twenty-eight of which are fully-grown. That’s twenty-six coliseum-goers for the next Coliseum drop.

14 - LosisSwift nest

15 - LosisSwift five days

There! Losis now has children so if Swiftflight happens to die tomorrow for whatever reason, at least I got what I wanted from this day–for Losis to finally have children of his own~!

Maybe Losis will get two ladies once his cooldown is over and if Flin is still alive. We’ll see. lol


2 thoughts on “Day 100

  1. CONGRATS ON REACHING DAY 100! WOOO! It was really cool to see the lair grow, especially since I have been here from almost the beginning. I hope Flin and Swiftflight live long, happy lives!


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