Weekly Report 14

A lot happened this week. We have our first Awakened familiar in Lymph’s Winter Wolf, so we got our first Gilded Chest. Yay!

We also got a trinket derg to serve as Jakob’s girlfriend~!

1 - Ieremiya grown up

ThraxRemia had their nest, losing one but keeping both Wildclaw children.

1 - Mani growth

2 - Laria growth

Meanwhile, SafeZone had their third nest wipeout at the exact same time. Pinkerton really hates making my progens happy.

A lair expansion caused us to be moved from the Wandering Contagion to the Abiding Boneyard.

35 - lair expansion 2

Now onto the Vault! Including Lymph’s familiar, we have:

1 - food 1

2 - food 2

3 - materials 1

4 - materials 2

5 - apparel

6 - familiars

7 - battle items

8 - other

Tomorrow is Day 100, wherein I shall use all the gems I’ve received to that point to get Losis a mate of my choice from the Auction House! Woot woot!


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