Day 100 Lair Report

Here are the survivors in my lair as of now:

1 - Safe

My progen derg created at the start of this challenge on March 7th. She is Zone’s mate and has had seven nests total, three of which had all the hatchlings in them die. She has eighteen children total–five of which are currently alive and one that was alive but died not along after growing up. She is a very loving mother but acknowledges that she is too afraid to do much for her clan beyond have children. IMMUNE FROM NUZLOCKE! BANNED FROM COLISEUM!

2 - Zone

The random male progen that the game created for me to pair Safe up with back when I started this challenge on March 7th. He is Safe’s loving, loyal, and protective mate. He tends to be the one that goes out scavenging and gathering food in other territories. He also searches the surrounding wastelands for orphaned dragons. He started out as masochistic and self-incriminating, a kind of punishment to himself for the plague killing his clanmates, but has since eased into a kindly grandparent figure. He acknowledges that he is too afraid to do much for the clan beyond help Safe have more children. IMMUNE TO NUZLOCKE! BANNED FROM COLISEUM!

3 - Winse

One of the first three hatchlings that Zone finds orphaned in the Wandering Contagion on Day 6 after Safe’s first nest dies of plague. He was the one to begin the campaign to go out into the wilderness to get stronger by fighting monsters. Winse carries a lot of guilt for various deaths around him, especially the massacre of his pseudo-siblings on Day 13. These have caused him to lose faith in deities as a whole. He is mates with Betes and has had seven children, of which three are still alive and one died shortly after growing up.

4 - Lymph

Found orphaned in the Wandering Contagion on Day 7, guarded by his loyal friend, the Winter Wolf. A quiet soul, he was deeply effected by the Day 13 massacre of his pseudo-siblings and worries for Winse’s health. He opened up to Leth, his mate, only to shut down again after she died. He has begun to swing between hope and despair after becoming mates with Ande, the recent deaths of his sons leaving him wondering about his own fate. He had six children with Leth, of which only two have survived. He had four children with Ande so far, of which only one is alive. He is primarily a user of Wind magic.

5 - Betes

Safe and Zone’s firstborn child from their second nest and sibling to Losis. She is a distant and cold dragon, especially toward her own children. This stems from her selfish desire to have her dream nest become reality and survive the plague, even wishing for the deaths of her mother and Leth’s nests to achieve it. Her wish is half-granted, her only child living and most of Leth’s nest perishing. This had led her to believe the Plaguebringer spites her, making her cynical of most things in life. After the lair move, she appears to have come to silent terms with her cold behavior toward her family and has begun to reach out to her mother and daughter Theria.

6 - Losis

Safe and Zone’s firstborn son from their second nest and sibling to Betes. He is a very childish dragon, not quite knowing his strength or recognizing the proper behaviors of an adult. He frequently joins his father in scavenging and food gathering when he isn’t babysitting new hatchlings. He has a fondness for anything smaller than himself. Though showing no interest in love, he has recently fallen for Swiftflight and now has a nest with her that will bear three children.

7 - Chemi

A daughter from Safe and Zone’s third nest and Tryp’s sister. She is smart and strategic, trying to balance out her strengths and weaknesses in her battle style in the wilderness. As of late, she’s begun to lean more toward magic. Since birth, she has had a close bond with her brother that fell out of synch when she started showing affection for Rabi. She’s a very loving mate and mother, though she doesn’t neglect her sibling. She has had four children, two of which lived.

8 - Tryp

A son from Safe and Zone’s third nest and Chemi’s brother. He’s bigger and physically tougher than his sister now that he’s older, though he’s no less clever than she is. His wit can seem mean at times, fueled by a sense of inferiority and jealousy he holds toward others in the clan–primarily Rabi and Jakob. He idolizes Winse and Losis and is striving to be as strong as them one day. He fell in love with Lock at her hatching and has been attempting to win her affections since.

9 - Rabi

The lone surviving hatchling of Lymph and Leth’s first nest. He was very weak and sickly at birth and has been fighting to prove himself every day since. He was adopted as a pseudo-sibling of Chemi and Tryp’s, eventually falling madly in love with Chemi. He’s very eager for affection and attention, not wanting to be ignored. He has had four children with Chemi, two of which survived.

10 - Malar

The only child of Winse and Betes’ first nest, he is Safe and Zone’s first grandchild. He was treated as a perfect child by his father and was adored by the whole clan, though he yearned for the attention of his distant and cold mother. As time went on, he distanced himself from his mother and treated her as someone unsafe to be around, even warning his sisters to stay clear of her. He has recently fallen in love with Laria and hopes to have a nest with her in the near future.

11 - Remia

Another orphan found in the Wandering Contagion on Day 57. Remia is a happy and cheerful dragon, enjoying life to its fullest. She has always been close to her fellow orphans, primarily Thrax, Chocomint, and Bruce. Chocomint and Bruce’s deaths shell-shocked her, leaving her fearful and numb for a while. She sought out Thrax’s comfort, which soon evolved into a romantic relationship. Recently she had a nest with him that resulted in two survivors and one death. Remia has been fighting to move past the death, focusing on the safety and well-being of her remaining two children.

12 - Thrax

An orphan found out in the Wandering Contagion on Day 59. He was a rough, brutish hatchling and even harsher as a young adult until Bruce’s death in Woodland Path. That sobered him up to reality and the plague quickly, causing him to latch onto life tightly. He grew closer to Remia as they grew up, eventually falling in love with her. Recently they had a nest together that left two alive and one dead. Thrax felt heartbroken at the loss and has struggled to support Remia, falling back on Lymph as a kindred spirit.

13 - Legion

An orphan found in the Wandering Contagion. Legion is sweet and affectionate, especially toward Pati. They held a special bond not longer after meeting. This bond turned from friendship into romance after a while, resulting in a nest of four. Only two hatchlings survived but, rather than crushing Legion, it made him more optimistic for the future. He cares very much for his children and cannot wait to see the children they bear in the future.

14 - Geri

The only surviving child of Lymph and Leth’s second nest, as well as Leth’s final child before her death. Geri clung to his father viciously, both before and after his mother’s death. While his bond with his brother Rabi is good, it’s partly strained out of jealousy. Geri feels robbed of a bond with his mother because of how short a time he knew her before she died. He refuses to connect with Ande, feeling betrayed by his father for finding a new mate and not remaining loyal to Leth’s memory. He felt very close to Lassa for a while but has begun to drift away from her, his interest now piqued in little Kemia.

15 - Pati

A daughter of Chemi and Rabi’s first nest and Lassa’s sister. Pati is a calm, serene dragon who is patient. She goes with the flow of things and just lets events fall into place around her without interference. She felt a connection with Legion almost immediately upon meeting him, forming a close bond that bloomed from friendship to romance. She eventually had a nest with him, of which two hatchlings survived.

16 - Lassa

A daughter of Chemi and Rabi’s first nest and Pati’s sister. Lassa has always been a go-getter, more proactive than her sister in getting things done. Love is her only weakness. She craves it and truly wants a mate to love her the way she sees Legion love Pati. It was a source of jealousy for a while until Dreamer joined the clan. She fell for him instantly and has been making the moves on him since, delighted to find him reciprocating her affections. They plan to have a nest as soon as possible to consummate their love.

17 - Ande

An orphan found in the Wandering Contagion. She was quiet and withdrawn early on, showing interest toward Bruce until he suddenly died. This caused her to withdraw again from shock, only coming out of her shell again when Lymph engaged her in conversation. They soon became a pair, though Ande worries about just being a physical replacement for Leth. She understands Geri’s dislike of her and dares not pursue a friendship with him, keeping her distance. She and Lymph recently had their first nest together, though the loss of her three sons made her withdraw in self-defense. Her daughter Lock has pulled her from her shell once more and Ande is trying to actively avoid running from reality.

18 - Theria

A daughter from Winse and Betes’ second nest and Rosi’s sister. She is a spitfire and was causing trouble for her older brother Malar not even a few minutes out of the egg. She’s a daredevil, doing things most would find unwise and taking for too many risks to be comfortable with. She thinks her brother is a coward and purposely riles him using that fact. She craves a connection with her mother and approached her frequently as a hatchling, showing no fear toward her colder parent. This has rewarded her greatly with company and snippets of affection from her distant parent, allowing the young dragon to slowly pull her mother back into the familial ring of the clan.

19 - Rosi

A daughter of Winse and Betes’ second nest and Theria’s sister. Rosi is sweet, kind, and beautiful. This is only off balanced by her insanely cautious nature and her tendency to do what others tell her without question. While she tries to bond with her sister, Theria’s daredevil nature causes Rosi to withdraw and become a bystander in most clan activities out of fear of getting hurt. This has alienated her from both her sister and mother. She truly wants relationships with them but is too hesitate and afraid to pursue them.

20 - Lujo

The surviving daughter of Safe and Zone’s last successful nest. Lujo is harsh, snippy, and self-serving. She has no tolerance for other’s issues and seemingly has no heart for others. She lashes out at others for messing with her food or belongings and looks down on others as inferior to herself. She craves the thrill of a fight, verbal or physical, and finds fun in enticing others to fight her. This has resulted in much backlash from her father, much to Lujo’s displeasure. She’s eager to go into the wilderness and let loose her real power.

21 - Dreamer

An orphan found in the Wandering Contagion. Dreamer is refined, sophisticated, and stunningly handsome. He has attracted the eye of many females, though his attention was riveted on Lassa from the first flirt she sent him. Dreamer is eager for children, wanting something new to excel at. He thinks of the plague as not so much a punishment as much as a kind of test for dragons, though with grisly end results. He looks forward to the nest he will have with Lassa soon.

22 - Somia

The daughter of Legion and Pati’s first nest and Jakob’s sister. She’s harsh and fast-paced, always doing something. She held no interest in love and even grew angry at her brother for showing affection toward Ieremiya. Somia’s goal is to prove her strength without the help of a mate. This goal has begun to slip due to her crush on Mani, though she’s hiding it remarkably well.

23 - Jakob

The son of Legion and Pati’s first nest and Somia’s brother. He was the one who gave Safe her nickname of GG. He has gained plenty of attention due to his handsome looks and even garnered jealousy from his great uncle Tryp on one occasion. Jakob likes to flaunt his looks and beauty in front of others due to the plainness of many of his family members. He felt compelled to keep others company, such as Lock, but the affection there was temporary compared to the love he felt almost instantly for Ieremiya. He is in the process of wooing her to be his mate.

24 - Lock

The only surviving child of Lymph and Ande’s first nest. She holds a shaky relationship with her half-brothers and spends most of her time close to her mother, trying to keep her from withdrawing into herself. Lock is a very brave and strong-willed individual but is prone to crumbing without company or support. She feels grateful to Jakob for his friendship in their hatchling days but there is no linger feelings between them. She has noticed Tryp’s advances toward her but has yet to decide what she wants to do about them.

25 - Ieremiya

Found orphaned in the Wandering Contagion. She captured Jakob’s eye almost immediately and he managed to capture hers in return. She’s a responsible dragon with a maternal instinct to her. She’s eager to help Remia with her children during the lair move and continues to babysit them to the present time. She’s receptive to Jakob’s advances, though she has been lingering on Dreamer for a bit too.

26 - Mani

The son of Thrax and Remia’s first nest and Laria’s brother. He’s mischievous and very much a troublemaker, being the leader of the sibling duo. He calls the shots and plans the adventures. He’s also the one to run away if things go awry or they get caught by the adults. He’s a healthy mix of brave and cowardly.

27 - Laria

The daughter of Thrax and Remia’s first nest and Mani’s sister. She’s the follower, the audience, and the cheerleader. She supports her siblings plans and follows him without many questions. It’s usually her clumsy slip-ups and mistakes that cause them to get caught by the adults. She’s frequently left behind to huddle and cry in such situations, not sure why her sibling abandoned her. These spells end when Mani returns and business as usual resumes between them.

28 - Kemia

The first orphan to be found in the Abiding Boneyard on Day 100. She’s quiet, almost deathly so, and frequently spends her time just staring into space. In reality, she is watching the spirits of the fallen moving and whispering around her.

29 - Flin

Found lost in the Abiding Boneyard by Zone on Day 100. She was traveling through with Swiftflight when they got lost and ended up staying with Safe’s clan. She was nameless originally until Safe helped her pick a name. She’s bouncy and very in-tune with her emotions. She treasures her bond with Swiftflight highly. She likes being around hatchlings and is an excellent babysitter for Mani and Laria.

30 - Swiftflight

Found lost in the Abiding Boneyard by Losis on Day 100. She was traveling through with Flin when they got lost and ended up staying with Safe’s clan. She is quick to panic and assume the worst of things, having extremely high energy. She can be a bit snarky but she has good intentions and a good heart. She fell in love with Losis and currently has a nest with him.


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