I’m so proud of you

Remia watched her children strut about the lair with pride. Six days. Six days since they were born and now look at them! They were so beautiful!

Remia couldn’t help but be proud.

Mani with his nightshade skin and brilliant sapphire wings, clicked his curved thumb claw. His sister Laria, plum-skinned and storm-winged, a paler version of her sibling, mimicked him. They both circled each other, testing out size and strength, comparing.

Mani was bigger, longer, but Laria had the bigger wingspan. They flared and hissed at each other in mock-ferocity. Mani pounced on his sister, only to be flipped and pinned. Laria was heavier by nearly 20KG.

The siblings parted, starting again from the beginning. Posture, hiss and flare, pounce, pin. A dance of pretend war.

Remia bristled briefly when something touched her side, only to relax. It was Thrax, her mate. The Imperial rested beside her, nuzzling her long face with his own whiskered one. He was almost 15M longer than her but they fit together so well. It truly was lovely.

They watched their children try out their new, larger, stronger adult bodies, and felt pride.


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