Day 105 part 1

1 - Kemia growth

2 - Pall growth

All the growth~!

3 - Gilded Chests get

Got two Gilded Chests today from familiars hitting Awakened bonding status==Safe and Zone’s Coliseum familiars! Got trinkets and apparel and familiars from both chests.

4 - Lock chest apparel

Lock be getting some chest gear now!

5 - Flin chest apparel

This piece of apparel was hard to place. It didn’t look right on Thrax. It was too light for Mani but too dark for Laria. So I tried it on Flin and it looks just right, in my opinion.

7 - LosisSwift nest hatch

Time to hatch the nest~!

8 - hatchlings

OMG so pretty! Pinkerton, please let the end ones live, at least! Please?

9 - Heimer - alzheimer's

First we have Heimer…from Alzheimer’s, of course.

10 - Nile - west nile virus

Then Nile…from West Nile virus.

11 - Abet - diabetes

Last is Abet…from diabetes.

12 - lair pre-flip

Guess LosisSwiftflight really wanted boys. Good, I need some. Let’s see how many I get to keep this time.

13 - bye Heimer

Awww! Poor Heimer…

14 - bye Nile

Bye to Nile, too. Ugh…

15 - bye Abet


Welp, looks like the SafeZone nest wipeout curse has passed to LosisSwiftflight this time. Ouch… I really wanted one of these, too. So pretty…

16 - exalt Heimer 1

17 - exalt Heimer 2

Goodbye, Heimer…

18 - exalt Nile 1

19 - exalt Nile 2

Goodbye, Nile…

20 - exalt Abet 1

21 - exalt Abet 2

And goodbye, Abet…

Man, that sucks! Let’s see what other tortures Pinkerton put us through today!

6 - battle item drop

Oh, a DEATH STREAK! Beautiful!

Will do that in another post, this one is getting long as is.


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