Day 106 part 1

2 - Kemia grown up

Look who grew up~! So pretty!

3 - Pall growth

Little by little, he be growing…

1 - food gathering

Had to get more meat, seafood, and insects to keep my lair fed.

5 - Laria chest apparel

6 - Zone chest apparel

Got both of these new apparel pieces from the same Iron Chest drop from familiar bonding. Yay!

4 - plant drop

So many plant drops! Holy!

7 - lair 1

8 - lair 2

9 - lair 3

10 - party generation

Today was too busy and I have work in the morning, so I’ll do the 20 battles tomorrow. But let’s see who the party is…

11 - Rabi

Rabi again, huh?

12 - Dreamer

Dreamer too?

13 - Lujo

Lujo too, huh?

14 - party

Looks like our DEATH STREAK survivors are in it for round two in Woodland Path, this time with Rabi. We’ll see what tomorrow brings them…


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