There are spirits all around us

Kemia was peculiar. She spent all of her time just staring into space. Sometimes she’d smile or frown but there were very little words to be pulled from her. The crystal-scaled Spiral simply didn’t talk much.

Flin was charged with caring for the two youngsters once she joined the clan. The sapphire Mirror had watched Mani and Laria grow up into gorgeous adult Wildclaws. Just yesterday, Kemia had grown too.

That just left tiny Pall, the little blue Fae found in a scavenged egg in Light territory. Zone had been so proud when he found the egg. He’d swaggered into the lair, egg in his jaws, joy in his eyes. Safe had cried when she saw it.

Nobody understood except Winse. He’d been there to see the last scavenged egg hatch–Bola the Mirror from Wind flight. Bola, who had died in the Day 13 massacre with Pizzicato and Malihini. His fellow orphans and his pseudo-siblings for seven days.

Pall was three days old now, eyes golden. He was curious but quiet. When he spoke, it was a monotone sound. He spoke little but straight to the point.

He and Kemia were very alike in that manner.

But Pall couldn’t see Bola. He didn’t know she existed. He didn’t know death yet.

Kemia could see Bola. She could see everyone–Pizzicato, Malihini, Bola, Cad, and all the rest who had died in this clan. Everyone that Safe mourned in the graveyard. Kemia knew them all–their names, their stories, their deaths. She knew because they told her.

Kemia watched Bola hover over Pall, a smile on her pointed face. She was proud. She had begged deities the world over to send her adopted family an egg, to give them hope. The deities ignored her pleas, ignored the lingering spirit.

But the Lightweaver showed kindness that had not been seen since the clan’s creation, when the Windsinger had left Bola’s egg for Zone to find. It was a personal victory for the deceased Mirror.

Kemia watched and listened as the ghosts mingled with the living, nuzzling loved ones, whispering encouragements, pouring love into their closest friends and family. The clan could not see or hear them, but they were there.

Kemia did not speak because she did not want them to leave. So she kept her silence and watched.


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