Day 108 part 1

1 - Pall growth

So close to being grown! Yay!

2 - DreamerLassa nest wtf

3 - DreamerLassa five days

First one-egg nest since Malar was hatched. Will this little baby survive?

4 - SafeZone nest

5 - SafeZone five days

And SafeZone is back at it again with another three-egger! I swear to Plaguebringer if Pinkerton completely wipes this nest out too…

Nothing cool found during scavenging. Awww…

6 - seafood drop

40 battles…that will be done tomorrow because it’s late over here. Ugh…

Let’s see who goes, yeah?

7 - Pati

Been a while, Pati!

8 - Betes

Betes too.

9 - Rabi

Rabi, you again? You love the Coliseum too much, buddy!

10 - party

Tomorrow we’ll be in Woodland Path for 40 battles!


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