Day 108 part 2

Here we go! off to Woodland Path for 40 battles for yesterday!

Battle 1

after battle 1

Good thing I have so many Health Potions for this…

Battle 6

after battle 6 - level up

after battle 6 - Pati level 5

Now Pati can do some real devastating damage with her new battle stones!

Battle 17

after battle 17 - level up

after battle 17 - Betes level 7

Betes be catching up to her bro Losis in levels! Yay!

Battle 40

after battle 40

All done! So many close calls this time that it wasn’t even funny…


Pati level 5

Betes level 7

The girls be getting stronger~! Woot woot!

Now onto Day 109…


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