Day 110

1 - Pall grown up

Look who grew up today! So handsome~!

2 - DreamerLassa three days

3 - SafeZone three days

Three days…

4 - TrypLock nest

5 - TrypLock five days

And now we will have TrypLock babies in five days too!

so many babies for Pinkerton to kill omg no

7 - Pall chest apparel

Got some apparel from familiar bonding. It matched Pall’s wings and looked weird on Legion, so Pall gets stuff for his grow-up day! Yay!

6 - insect drop

30 battles, yay…

8 - party generation

Let’s see who goes now that everyone in the lair is grown up…

9 - Lymph

Been a long while since we last saw you, Lymph!

10 - Somia

Hello, Somia!

11 - Geri

And Geri rounds out the bunch for today!

12 - party

Off to Woodland Path today!

Battle 1

after battle 1

Having two dergs that need to Meditate for Breath is so annoying, OMG!

Battle 10

after battle 10 - level up

after battle 10 - Somia level 4

One away from battle stones, Somia…

Battle 23

after battle 23 - level up

after battle 23 - Lymph level 9

And Lymph has finally caught up to Winse in levels! Second Level 9 derg! Woot woot!

Battle 30

after battle 30

All done! Far too many close calls for my comfort, honestly…


Lymph level 9

Somia level 4

I feel like I made such important progress today… *smile*


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