She’d be proud of you for making it this far

Lymph was seated atop the rocky mound that formed the top of their Abiding Boneyard lair when he felt the ground shudder. Something massive was approaching him from behind. The Skydancer was unafraid. The smell of his visitor was familiar.

“She’d be proud of you, you know.”

“Would she?” Lymph asked, staring at the starry sky.

“She would be. She loved you so much, Lymph. Who wouldn’t be proud of you for getting this far?”

Lymph shrugged. The stars glittered across the inky black canvas of the sky. If he squinted hard enough, they seemed to turn gold.

Like Leth’s eyes.

“I don’t feel any different than I did before,” he muttered.

“Neither did I. But my power increased.”

“It wasn’t enough to get through Scorched Forest,” Lymph recalled. “Or save Tussis. Or save Chocomint.”

His visitor fell silent. “…I know.”

“Then what’s the point? It’s hurting more than helping,” Lymph stated.

“I’d rather not sit around here, pumping out babies, like mom and dad are. I want to give myself a better future than waiting for the plague to kill my children.”

“So you’d rather have wild beasts do it?”

“It’s not my fault that Tussis and Chocomint died and it isn’t your fault that Leth died!”

Lymph froze for a moment before settling. He sighed sadly.

His visitor sighed before moving in, nudging their smaller sibling in sympathy. “We both make mistakes. We aren’t perfect. We can’t turn back time and stop what happened.”

“Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could?” Lymph whispered.

“…Yeah. Yeah, it would be.”



“Do you really think Leth is proud of me?”

“…You’re alive and you’re happy. I think that should be answer enough.”

Winse turned, slowly descending back to the ground. He’d done his job, lifting his pseudo-sibling’s spirits. He’d seen the flicker of a smile on Lymph’s face, the shine of tears in his soft green eyes.

Leth would certainly be proud of her mate. No doubt about it.


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