Day 113

1 - Remia chest apparel

2 - Ande chest apparel

3 - Tryp chest apparel

All of the apparel I got from chests gained by bonding with familiars: one Rusted, one Iron, and one Gilded chest. Yay!

4 - material drop

Will be doing all three writing bits tonight, I promise.

Nothing cool found while scavenging either. Meh…

5 - TrypLock two days

Two days…

6 - DreamerLassa hatch

7 - SafeZone hatch

Now onto the main event for today–nest hatching! Yay!

8 - DreamerLassa hatchling

9 - SafeZone hatchlings omg yes

OMG! SafeZone gave me a full Mirror nest! Pinkerton, let me have one! LET ME HAVE ONE!! DON’T KILL THEM ALL AGAIN OR I WILL HURT YOU SO BAD!!!

10 - Lyme - lyme disease

The lone DreamerLassa kid be Lyme…from Lyme disease…

11 - Besio - babesiosis

Then we have Besio…from babesiosis…

12 - Astro - astrovirus infection

Then we have Astro…from astrovirus infection…

13 - Lera - cholera

Last is Lera…from cholera…

14 - lair pre-flip

Now to see how many live…and how many die…

15 - keep Lyme

YES!! Lyme gets to live! The one-egg-survival blessing lives on!!

16 - keep Besio

And yes again! I finally get to keep a SafeZone Mirror baby! Hooray for Besio!

17 - bye Astro

And here comes the murder. Astro gets to die.

18 - bye Lera

And so does Lera. Awww! I really loved her wing color…

19 - exalt Astro 1

20 - exalt Astro 2

Goodbye, Astro…

21 - exalt Lera 1

22 - exalt Lera 2

Goodbye, Lera…

23 - lair 1

24 - lair 2

25 - lair 3

The clan carries on…


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