The blessings of one egg

The tiny pink Skydancer buried against his mother’s belly, munching food between his newborn jaws. His tiny red eyes looked around curiously. A fluffy tail flicked idly.

Lassa nuzzled her son, Lyme, with all the love a new mother possibly could. Against all odds, her only child had lived. Lyme had survived the plague that had killed countless hatchlings before him.

She wondered if it was her uncle Malar’s luck rubbing off on her. He too had survived as a nest of one egg, she recalled.

Dreamer joined her, bringing some more food to feed their new child. Lyme squeaked, nosing his father’s snout before crunching on his meal. Dreamer smiled lovingly at his child.

Lyme had no clue how lucky he was to still be alive right now.


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