We are all of one blood

Zone pushed the last bit of dirt over the graves of two more of his children. It was both a happy and a sad day.

This recent nest of his and Safe’s had yielded all Mirrors, two daughters and a son. One daughter and the son, both vermilion-colored, had perished. The daughter was Lera. The son was Astro.

Their surviving sister, Besio, was still alive. Where their bodies had weakened and perished after hatching, Besio’s managed to stay strong and breathing. A steady stream of meat scraps had bolstered her spirit enough to keep living despite the hardships her tiny body had gone through in breaking out of her egg.

Besio’s dark red frame was huddled beside her mother, snoozing. She was unaware of the losses she had suffered. She did not know that her siblings were both dead.

That would be news to deliver at a later date. For now, the rest of the clan would carry that burden for her. Zone held a heavy heart…but he would persist. He would survive this, as he had the rest before her siblings’ deaths.

Until then, he would carry a smile and make faces. Bring his newest daughter joy. Make the most of her few innocent days.

They were extremely limited, after all. It’d be a shame to waste them with mourning.


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