Day 114

1 - Lyme growth

2 - Besio growth

They be growing slowly~!

3 - TrypLock one day

One day…

Nothing cool found while scavenging. Gah…

4 - familiar drop

OMG, I haven’t gotten one of these since Leth back when I was in single digit days. Holy!

5 - Wildclaw

And it’s a Wildclaw. Okay.

6 - purchase

OMG shiny glittery baby, yes!!

7 - Histo - histoplasmosis

So I get this pretty unnamed derg from blueyedemon (will put link tomorrow, FR not functioning now) that I named Histo…from histoplasmosis…

8 - Festive Favors 1

Forgot to do this yesterday in the wake of all the hatching. Yeah… Grabbing the leg apparel because most expensive thing first!

not sure i’ll go for the vista things, not really my thing but if I get enough holiday items I might, we’ll see

9 - Dreamer holiday apparel

Just consider both holiday apparel to be Dreamer’s…because gold…

10 - Festive Favors 2 purchase 27

Wound up purchasing 27 more Immaculate Tablets because I’m not really using gems right now, so why not? Gimme that familiar!

11 - Lock and holiday familiar

And there, my craze is done for the evening. Good night, people!


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