Day 115 part 1

1 - Lyme growth

2 - Besio growth

3 - Histo growth

So much growth~!

Nothing much found during scavenging again. Ugh…

5 - Rosi chest apparel

This bit of chest apparel didn’t really fit anyone else. Sorry, Rosi…

6 - Festive Favors

Now to get the last bit of holiday apparel!

7 - Dreamer holiday apparel

And Dreamer’s look is complete…for now…

8 - TrypLock hatch

Time to hatch these guys!

9 - hatchlings

Awww! So cute!

10 - Ponti - Pontiac fever or Legionellosis

First is Ponti…from Pontiac fever, another name for Legionellosis…

11 - Ony - Onychomycosis

Next is Ony…from Onychomycosis…

12 - Barton - bartonellosis

Last is Barton…from bartonellosis…

13 - lair pre-flip

Now let’s see if I get to keep any of these new babies!

14 - keep Ponti

I get to keep Ponti! Yay for new grandkid!

15 - bye Ony

Awww! I wanted Ony…

16 - bye Barton

And I lose Barton too. I guess one out of three isn’t horrible…

17 - exalt Ony 1

18 - exalt Ony 2

Goodbye, Ony…

19 - exalt Barton 1

20 - exalt Barton 2

Goodbye, Barton…

4 - plant drop

And now I get 20 battles. Will do all of that in the next post. This is getting long enough as is…


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