Day 116 part 2

Here we go! 50 battles in Woodland Path.

Battle 1

after battle 1

So happy I have so many potions…

Battle 2

after battle 2 - level up

after battle 2 - Lock level 3

Yay for Lock!

Battle 8

after battle 8 - level up

after battle 8 - Chemi level 6

Chemi be catching up to her brother~!

Battle 13

after battle 13 - level up

after battle 13 - Lock level 4

Lock seriously needs these levels. She gets so close to dying way too often…

Battle 50

after battle 50

And done! Yay!


Lock level 4

Chemi level 6

This took eternity to do. And it’s really late at night for me. OMG why???

Onto Day 117…


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