Day 117

1 - Lyme growth

2 - Besio growth

3 - Histo growth

4 - Ponti growth

So much growth~!

5 - JakobIeremiya nest

6 - JakobIeremiya five days

Now we have the JakobIeremiya nest going! Yay!

Nothing cool found while scavenging. Guh…

8 - Festive Favors

Meh, I have enough holiday items. May as well get the forum skin…

7 - insect drop

30 battles. Let’s see who goes now.

9 - Betes

Betes is first.

10 - Lujo

Lujo be back finally.

11 - Chemi

Chemi, are you trying to do double duty now?

12 - party

Well, look at that. A full party of Safe’s daughters. Wow…

Onto Woodland Path now. Let’s a-go~!

Battle 1

after battle 1

This’ll be easy. Just spam the regular claw attack!

Battle 4

after battle 4 - level up

after battle 4 - Lujo level 5

And now Lujo has her battle stones. She be gaining those levels quick!

Battle 24

after battle 24 - level up

after battle 24 - Chemi level 7

Man, Chemi is hot on her brother’s tail in terms of level! Holy Plaguebringer!

Battle 30

after battle 30

And done for the night! Yay!


Lujo level 5

Chemi level 7

Safe best be proud. Her girls be growing up so much!


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