Day 118 part 1

1 - Lyme growth

2 - Besio growth

3 - Histo growth

4 - Ponti growth


5 - JakobIeremiya four days

Four days…

Nothing cool found while scavenging. But…

7 - Bamboo Crate prize

Got this in a Bamboo Crate drop from Woodland Path yesterday. Woot woot for first skin!

8 - Festive Favors

Last day of Brightshine Jubilee, guys! I already got everything, so this is my last update for how many holiday items I have for this holiday.

9 - Thrax chest apparel

10 - Theria chest apparel

Chest apparel for my dergs! Those familiars are being awfully generous to me…

6 - insect drop

Unlike Pinkerton, who just wants my dergs to die horribly in the Coliseum. 30 more battles! Ugh…

Let’s see who goes now…

11 - Ande


12 - Mani

Ooh, Mani’s first time!

13 - Rosi

And Rosi finishes the party.

14 - party

Going to Woodland Path again. Yay!

Battle 1

after battle 1

Mani is having such a tough time staying alive…

Battle 2

battle 2 - Mani nooo

after battle 2

Pinkerton, you are such a dick…

Mani dead 1

Mani dead 2

Mani dead 3

You were supposed to have gorgeous babies with Somia! GDI, Pinkerton!

after battle 2 - party post-Mani death

Guess this is the party for the remaining 28 battles.

Unfortunately, FR crashed on me again and refused to load. I completed two more battles, so I’ll have to do 26 battles next time. I’ll be leaving early tomorrow for a get-together with friends, so I may leave the battles for Day 120 in favor of getting tomorrow’s post done before I leave. We’ll see.


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