Day 119 part 1

1 - Lyme grown up

2 - Besio grown up

Look who grew up today! Yay!

3 - Histo growth

4 - Ponti growth

More growth~!

5 - JakobIeremiya three days

Three days…

Still deciding who to put on that last nest now that Mani died. Maybe Histo and Flin for some gorgeous blue babies?

Switched scavenging to Lightning territory now that it’s July and the Light holiday week is over. Still nothing cool…

6 - seafood drop

More battles? Ugh… That’s 40 now plus 26 from yesterday. That means I’ve got at least 66 battles to do tomorrow.

gdi Pinkerton stop

7 - lair 1

8 - lair 2

9 - lair 3

10 - party generation

Now let’s see who gets to go for this one…

11 - Besio

Besio’s first time, right off the bat!

12 - Chemi

Chemi, you just love the Coliseum now, don’t you?

13 - Dreamer

And last is Dreamer.

14 - party

Chemi, thank you for ensuring I spend all my battles tomorrow in Woodland Path. That’s 66 fights over two food drops. Gah!!

Gotta run now. See you tomorrow, guys, for these fights!


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