Day 121 part 1

1 - Ponti grown up

Last baby has grown! Yay!

2 - JakobIeremiya one day

One day…

4 - Ponti chest apparel

Chest apparel from familiar bonding. Looked good on her.

3 - battle item drop

Oh, Pinkerton, how could you? Just what I needed after two dergs already died this week–a DEATH STREAK. Yay.

5 - lair 1

6 - lair 2

7 - lair 3

8 - party generation

Let’s see who goes now…

9 - Winse

Winse. At least it won’t be a party wipeout.

10 - Tryp

Tryp. Getting some really strong dergs so this should be easy.

11 - Kemia

…Kemia. GDI, Pinkerton, really?!

12 - party

I smell imminent death in Woodland Path again… GDI…


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