Day 121 part 2

Onto the DEATH STREAK in Woodland Path! Let’s hope poor Kemia lives…

Battle 1

battle 1

after battle 1

So far, so good…

Battle 2

battle 2

after battle 2

I hate Janustraps so much. They kill all my Light dergs!

Battle 3

battle 3

after battle 3

Too bad I can’t leave to increase Kemia’s stats. She’ll need to hang in there for me.

Battle 4

battle 4

after battle 4

Basilisks are so annoying to fight! Augh!

Battle 5

battle 5

after battle 5

Halfway done…

Battle 6

battle 6

after battle 6

At least Winse’s Shadow moves can quickly kill the Blooming Stranglers. Yeah!

Battle 7

battle 7

after battle 7

So easy! Hah!

Battle 8

battle 8

after battle 8

Shadow magic is so useful against Fire and Ice monsters. Very useful…

Battle 9

battle 9

after battle 9

Ugh, these guys are even more annoying than the regular Basilisks!

Battle 10

battle 10

after battle 10

OMG, yes! Kemia lived through this! Yeah!


level 3 Kemia

Kemia level 3

Kemia li~ved!

And I just remembered that I had planned to breed her with Geri. Maybe instead of waiting on Flin and Histo, I’ll toss Geri and Kemia on the nest tomorrow? We’ll see…


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