Weekly Report 17

I’m a day behind thanks to July 4th screwing me up date-wise, but here it is!

A lot happened this week. We had all of our current babies grow up, among them being the lone survivors of SafeZone and DreamerLassa’s nests–Besio and Lyme. Sadly, Besio died yesterday during her first Coliseum run, just after growing up.

battle 1 - Besio dead

We also lost Mani the day before that during his first Coliseum run. Woodland Path is out for newborn blood suddenly…

battle 2 - Mani nooo

We got our first familiar derg since Leth who grew up today, Histo, along with TrypLock’s surviving daughter Ponti. Histo will likely be bred with Flin for my last apparel drop unless something happens to either of them or MalarLaria, the other apparel drop pair.

We have JakobIeremiya on the nest currently. Their eggs will hatch tomorrow. Hopefully at least one lives!

3 - JakobIeremiya two days

The Light holiday, Brightshine Jubilee, was this passing week too. Got all the items, even the forum vista. Also got a skin from a Bamboo Crate in Woodland Path. All sorts of fun stuff.

Now onto what lies in the Vault from Pinkerton, minus Lymph and Histo’s familiars:

1 - food 1

2 - food 2

3 - materials 1

4 - materials 2

5 - apparel

6 - familiars

7 - battle items

8 - others

This includes Day 121’s drop, fyi.


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