Day 122

1 - Tryp chest apparel

Got a new apparel piece. Looks like TrypLock will be a pair of rogues with their apparel. lol

2 - food gathering

Needed more food so I used my usual 15 turns for meat, seafood, and insects. The last 3 turns were used to scavenge. Nothing cool still…

3 - material drop

Writing. Yay!

4 - JakobIeremiya hatch

Time to hatch some eggs!

5 - hatchlings


6 - Gia - Giardiasis.PNG

First is Gia…from giardiasis…

7 - Tero - enterovirus infection.PNG

Last is Tero…from enterovirus infection…

Forgot to take a pre-flip lair pic, sorry. It’s time to see who lives or dies.

8 - bye Gia

Oh, lost Gia. Awww! She looked so pretty!

9 - keep Tero

Yes, I get to keep Tero! Yay!

10 - exalt Gia 1

11 - exalt Gia 2

Goodbye, Gia…

12 - lair post-flip


13 - GeriKemia nest

Decided to put HistoFlin off until the next apparel drop that I get. As a reward for living through yesterday’s DEATH STREAK, Kemia gets to have kids with Geri.

14 - GeriKemia five days

Five days…


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