Day 123

1 - Tero growth

He be growing!

2 - GeriKemia four days

Four days…

5 - SafeZone nest

6 - SafeZone five days

Also, SafeZone be on again. Five days for them.

3 - familiar found while scavenging

Found this while scavenging. Yay!

11 - Geri chest apparel

Got this from a Gilded Chest. Might look better on Lymph but he has stuff. Gotta dress up Geri some!

4 - seafood drop

40 battles…again…

Let’s see who goes!

7 - Lyme

Lyme’s first time!

8 - Malar

Haven’t seen you in a while, Malar!

9 - Somia

Same to you, Somia!

10 - party

Guess where we’re going today~! Training Fields ’cause everyone be Level 4 and under! Yay!

Battle 1

after battle 1

So far, so good…

Battle 4

after battle 4 - level up

after battle 4 - Lyme level 2

Betting Lyme goes up by 2-3 levels. Hoping everyone levels here.

Battle 10

after battle 10 - level up

after battle 10 - Lyme level 3

So happy to be back here…

Battle 15

after battle 15 - level up

after battle 15 - Somia level 5

Hooray for Somia getting her battle stones!

Battle 31

after battle 31 - level up

after battle 31 - Lyme level 4

Yay for Lyme!

Battle 32

after battle 32 - level up

after battle 32 - Malar level 5

Yay! Everyone leveled at least once!

Battle 40

after battle 40

All done! Yes!


Lyme level 4

Malar level 5

Somia level 5

So glad everyone leveled up here! Sadly, Plague Might Fragments are expensive and I’m saving for the next lair expansion. Gotta buy more Plague battle stones for my dergs…


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