Day 124

1 - Tero growth

He’s growing so fast, OMG!

2 - GeriKemia three days

Three days…

3 - SafeZone four days

Four days…

4 - thanks Stormcatcher

Decided to scavenge today. Look what the Stormcatcher netted me. Thanks??

5 - meat drop

50 battles. Yay!

Let’s see who goes…

6 - Winse

Thanks, Winse. Woodland Path, no matter what, this time.

7 - Ande


8 - Geri nope nest

…Geri? Nope, he be on the nest with Kemia so, like Swiftflight before him, someone must take his place in the Coliseum today. That derg will be…

9 - Rosi

Rosi! Whoo!

10 - party

Here we go!

Battle 1

after battle 1

Today be easy with a pack of strong dergs on my side~!

Battle 47

after battle 47 - level up

after battle 47 - Ande level 8

Yes! Ande is getting up there with the strongest of my lair!

Battle 50

after battle 50

And there! Done!

I was almost tempted to go to Scorched Forest for the last few fights after Ande leveled up…but Winse is in the party…and he tends to attract death in new areas…so yeah, nope!


Ande level 8

It’s a race to see who can hit Level 10 first! Personally, my money is on Winse…


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