Day 125 part 1

1 - Tero growth

Getting so big so fast! Yeah!

2 - GeriKemia two days

Two days…

3 - SafeZone three days

Three days…

Found nothing cool while scavenging…again… Awwww!

4 - wtf

…What kind of stuff is in these chests, anyways??

11 - Lujo chest apparel

Lujo be the steampunk skull-toting savage of the lair now. lol

5 - seafood drop

40 battles again. Ugh…

Let’s see who goes!

6 - Swiftflight


7 - Flin

Flin. Oh no, both of my Day 100 girls…

8 - Thrax

And Thrax. Of course we get a Level 7 paired with two Level 1s! Of course!

9 - Flin stats

10 - Swiftflight stats

I’m guessing there will be death…because it’s Woodland Path, which has killed two Level 1s already this week. That will be for tomorrow though, because it is late here. Pray for me, guys…


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