Day 125 part 2

Onto the 40 battles in Woodland Path for yesterday’s seafood drop!

Battle 1

after battle 1

Barely survived, holy…

Battle 2

battle 2 - Swiftflight nooo

Of course Swiftflight, Losis’ girlfriend, would die! Of course! GDI!

Swiftflight dead 1

Swiftflight dead 2

Swiftflight dead 3

Goodbye, Swiftflight, one of my Day 100 dergs…

Battle 3

after battle 3 - level up

after battle 3 - Flin level 2

I’m barely surviving. Everything is out to kill Flin!

Battle 5

after battle 5 - level up

after battle 5 - Flin level 3

Is Flin actually going to live through this?

Battle 12

after battle 12 - level up

after battle 12 - Flin level 4

I think she actually is, OMG!

Battle 34

after battle 34 - level up

after battle 34 - Flin level 5

Oh, she definitely is! Oh yeah!

Battle 40

after battle 40

OMG, she did it! She lived!


Flin level 5

Histo, you better survive to breed or Losis will be getting one heck of a replacement girlfriend!!


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