Day 128 part 2

So, got 30 battles now.

20 - lair 1

21 - lair 2

22 - lair 3

Let’s see who gets to go, shall we?

25 - Lymph

Lymph, thanks for sending us to Woodland Path!

26 - Losis

Losis adds to the powerhouse team today!

27 - Remia

And…Remia is there too? Uh oh…

28 - party

Remia, please live! I know you’re just Level 2 but you must live! Please!

…Let’s go…

Battle 1

after battle 1 - level up

after battle 1 - Remia level 3

Ooh, level up during the first battle! Woot woot!

Battle 15

after battle 15 - level up

after battle 15 - Remia level 4

Another level up at the halfway mark! Woot woot!

Battle 30

after battle 30

And all done! Yes!


Remia level 4

I’m so glad you didn’t end up as my 50th death, Remia! Phew…


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