Day 130

1 - Lio growth

2 - Toma growth

3 - Myxe growth

They be growing up fast! Yay!

4 - food gathering

Had to gather food today because I was all out. Hunted, fished, and caught insects today.

5 - familiar found while fishing

And while I was fishing, I found this little guy! So happy to finally find a familiar while gathering stuff. Yay!

6 - trinket drop

Trinket drop! Yes! New baby!

7 - purchase

Another Guardian… At least she appears to have some pretty genes on her.

8 - Lizotte

Almost fully gened. Cute! Pre-named from FR user Erisna, we have Lizotte!

9 - lair

Maybe breed her with Tero one day?

Once I get more apparel drops from Pinkerton, of course. MalarLaria, the last one I have currently, will have their nest in two days. Hooray!


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