This is for you, dearest brother of mine

Tomorrow was the day she had been patiently and fearfully waiting for. The day she and Malar would finally have a nest of their own.

Laria’s heart had been racing since her brother’s death. Any day, she could be sent into the wilderness to meet her own grisly demise. There would be no avoiding or escaping it. It would just happen, like Mani’s did.

But that day never came. The purple Wildclaw had managed to safely avoid whatever force drew particular dragons from their clan into the wilderness to fight the monsters present there.

Today, nobody was summoned. Today, it was peaceful.

Tomorrow, she would safely have a nest with Malar. For the next five days after that, she’d be safe from the Coliseum. Then she would have her children hatch.

Her life would be complete then. She could die happy, getting what she had wanted since she first realized that she loved Malar.

It was only hours away…

It felt like forever.


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