Day 133

1 - Lio grown up

2 - Toma grown up

3 - Lizotte grown up

Grown up babies! Yay!

4 - Myxe growth

Myxe still has growing to do before she can join the rest of the clan in adulthood.

5 - MalarLaria four days

Four days…

6 - food gathering

Had to gather more food today. My clan eats too much!

7 - Pati chest apparel

Pati gets both pieces of chest apparel today! They look good on her.

8 - apparel drop

NOW the apparel drops pour in! This will be for TeroLizotte in 9 days. HistoFlin will be in 16 days for yesterday’s apparel drop.

9 - lair

So many grown-up dergs! 36, with 34 capable of going into the Coliseum to fight. Myxe is in the minority…


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