Weekly Report 19

Had a lot happen this week. For one, I went down through apparel nests until there was only one left.

Did GeriKemia and got these two:

1 - Lio grown up

2 - Toma grown up

Did the mandatory SafeZone and got this lone girl:

Myxe level 3

Also got a trinket baby:

3 - Lizotte grown up

And just as I put MalarLaria on the nest…I got two apparel drops from Pinkerton. In a row. So now I have TeroLizotte and HistoFlin on the way, along with another SafeZone in roughly four days.

My lair is currently full of adults with hatchlings on the way. Such is life here in my lair.

Now onto what’s in the vault, minus Lymph and Histo’s familiars:

1 - food 1

2 - food 2

3 - materials 1

4 - materials 2

5 - apparel

6 - familiars

7 - battle items

8 - other

And thus concludes this week’s report!


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