Day 137

1 - SafeZone three days

Three days…

2 - MalarLaria nest hatch

Time to hatch this one! Yay!

3 - hatchlings


4 - Shior - kwashiorkor

First is Shior…from kwashiorkor…

5 - Psitta - psittacosis

Last is Psitta…from psittacosis…

6 - lair pre-flip

Now to see what the coin flip says about their survival…

7 - keep Shior

Get to keep Shior! Yay!

8 - keep Psitta

And I get to keep Psitta! Hooray!

9 - seafood drop

40 battles! Let’s see who goes today!

10 - Chemi

And Chemi sends us straight to Woodland Path. Thanks!

11 - Tero

Oh no, Tero…

12 - Lizotte

And Lizotte?! Pinkerton, you’re seriously trying to kill a pair I really want to breed! GDI!

13 - party Tero stats

14 - party Lizotte stats

If they both live, I will be so amazed…

Let’s go!

Battle 1

after battle 1 - level up

after battle 1 - Tero level 2

after battle 1 - Lizotte level 2

Good thing I stocked up on Potions before this. I’ll really need them to keep these two alive.

Battle 5

battle 5 - Tero nooo

…GDI Pinkerton…

after battle 5 - level up

Even more GDI, Pinkerton!

Tero exalt 1

Tero exalt 2

Tero exalt 3

Goodbye, Tero…

after battle 5 - thanks Pinkerton gdi

Oh yeah, this was a thing. Good for me…

after battle 5 - Lizotte level 3

Good luck, girls…

Battle 12

after battle 12 - level up

after battle 12 - Lizotte level 4

She is driven now by revenge…

Battle 14

after battle 14 - level up

after battle 14 - Chemi level 8

Great-great grandma be enraged too…

Battle 35

after battle 35 - level up

after battle 35 - Lizotte level 5

Took the second pic post-Coliseum because I forgot to screencap it right away. Oops!

Battle 40

after battle 40

All done! Yes!


Chemi level 8

Lizotte level 5

Good job, girls. May Tero rest in peace…

15 - PallPonti nest

16 - PallPonti five days

Since Tero died, thus destroying my planned TeroLizotte pairing for one of my apparel drops, I decided to form a new pair to breed immediately. PallPonti fit the bill, so together they go to give me plain children rather than the beautifully patterned ones I had hoped for. Oh well…

17 - lair 1

18 - lair 2

19 - lair 3

Thus today ends in two gains and one loss. What a day.


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