Day 139

2 - Shior growth

3 - Psitta growth

Grow up strong, little babies!

4 - WinseBetes one day

One day…

5 - PallPonti three days

Three days…

6 - SafeZone four days

Four days…

1 - food gathering

Needed more food again. Ugh…

9 - Geri chest apparel

Geri be getting more dressed up. lol

8 - gilded chest trinket

Got this from a Gilded Chest. Isn’t it a little late for Windsinger stuff? lol

7 - apparel drop

Another breeding opportunity! Might use this right away on one of my older pairs. I’ll decide who tomorrow after WinseBetes is off the nest.

10 - thanks pal

Thanks, Pinkerlocke! Go check them out, guys! They’re awesome!

Easy day! Yay!


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