Day 140

1 - holiday week

Holiday week, this time for the Lightning flight! Woot woot!

2 - Shior growth

3 - Psitta growth

Grow, little ones, grow!

4 - PallPonti two days

Two days…

5 - SafeZone three days

Three days…

6 - WinseBetes hatch

Time to hatch! Yay!

7 - hatchlings

Awww! So cute!

8 - Mydia - chlamydia

First is Mydia…from chlamydia…

9 - Undice - jaundice

Then we have Undice…from jaundice…

10 - Metas - metastatic cancer

Last we have Metas…from metastatic cancer…

11 - lair pre-flip

Now to see who lives and who dies! please be kind and spare me at least one

12 - bye Mydia

Welp, Mydia died.

13 - bye Undice

So did Undice. Ugh…

14 - bye Metas

Really, Pinkerton? Really? Metas too?

just when Betes is ready to be loving, you kill all of her kids, thanks

15 - exalt Mydia 1

16 - exalt Mydia 2

Goodbye, Mydia…

17 - exalt Undice 1

18 - exalt Undice 2

Goodbye, Undice…

19 - exalt Metas 1

20 - exalt Metas 2

Goodbye, Metas…

22 - ThraxRemia nest

23 - ThraxRemia five days

Using yesterday’s apparel drop for ThraxRemia since they have such a long cooldown each, so why not? More Wildclaw/Imperial babies! hoping for Imperials mostly

21 - Safe chest apparel

Safe being gearing up in silver! lol

Nothing really cool found while scavenging, outside of holiday items. Yeah…

24 - plant drop

20 battles! More food for me!

Let’s see who goes!

25 - Remia nope

Sorry, Remia be on a nest now so nope! Heehee!

26 - Lujo

Lujo, it’s been a while!

27 - Myxe

Hello again, Myxe!

28 - Lyme

And Lyme finishes the party!

29 - party

We get to go to Training Fields today! Yay!

Let’s go!

Battle 1

after battle 1

So easy! Yay!

Battle 15

after battle 15 - level up

after battle 15 - Lujo level 6

Lujo be getting that strength she wants so badly! Probably showing off for her baby sister.

Battle 20

after battle 20

All done! Yay!


Lujo level 6

She’s getting so strong…

30 - Festive Favors post-Coliseum

And here is my holiday item count post-Coliseum since I got a few Charged Sprockets to drop from there. Same purchase method as usual–most expensive first. That’s my plan.


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