Day 142

1 - Shior growth

2 - Psitta growth

3 - Crohn growth

So much growth! The girls will be adults tomorrow! Yay!

6 - SafeZone one day

One day…

7 - ThraxRemia three days

Three days…

8 - PallPonti hatch

Time to hatch! Yes!

9 - hatchlings

I’m getting swamped with Fae babies suddenly…

10 - Dys - erectile dysfunction

First we have Dys…from dysfuction…

11 - Melli - diabetes mellitus

Then we have Melli…from diabetes mellitus…

12 - Scrapie - scrapie

Last is Scrapie…from scrapie…

he was almost Scurvy but I liked Scrapie better, maybe next time

13 - lair pre-flip

Time to see who lives and who dies! hopefully it’s not another nest wipeout

14 - keep Dys

Get to keep Dys. Yay!

15 - keep Melli

Ooh! Melli too! Double yay!

16 - keep Scrapie

And Scrapie too? Pinkerton, did you really let me keep all three? Yay!

4 - food gathering

Had to gather food again. My lair eats a ton.

5 - Lizotte chest apparel

Lizotte gets some chest apparel…because green is her thing. lol

17 - trinket drop

Trinket? I get another derg! Yes!

18 - purchase

I really am getting swamped in Fae! Great Plaguebringer!

19 - Morquio - Morquio Syndrome

From FR user Soundstorm comes Morquio…from Morquio Syndrome…

20 - Festive Favors

Finally have enough to get a holiday item! Yay!

21 - Lyme holiday apparel

I originally thought of putting it on Laria or Flin…but Lyme looked so naked…so yeah… I think it looks good on him!

22 - lair

I think I’ll be changing up my future breeding plans. I’ll have MorquioLizotte for beautiful gened babies and probably put Crohn with Melli for more Fae…because why not? Or maybe Myxe. I dunno yet…


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