Born in this world as it all falls apart

Zone pushed dirt over Tay’s body, burying her lifeless ruby-red frame amongst the graves of their clanmates. Another daughter had been lost to the plague. Zone felt like it should hurt more on the inside than it currently did.

Maybe he’d just grown numb to the death. Expectant of the fact that at least one of his kids would die with every hatching. Weary of clinging to hope.

Tay dealt with, the tomato-red Guardian lumbered back to the lair where Safe lay with their surviving daughters–a cherry-red Mirror named Lindro and a blood-red Guardian named Neo. Both were still breathing and were eating heartily. They would survive to grow up. This much, Zone could simply tell.

Sharp chirping made him look over his shoulder at the swarm of Fae that had swamped their lair yesterday. Pall and Ponti’s nest had yielded three rambunctious Fae children that all survived the plague. With them was Crohn and the orphaned Morquio, found out in the boneyard yesterday while Zone had gone scavenging. Together, the five Fae made quite the mischievous pack.

At least Zone no longer needed to worry about Malar’s daughters, Shior and Psitta. Both had grown into gorgeous adults and had abandoned the childish games they had once played. Thankfully, this meant Crohn was safe from their endless curiosity. They now had bigger things to poke and prod at than a scrappy Fae baby.

Zone sighed, resting beside Safe. To think it had been almost five months since he had met Safe and started this lair. Five months since that first failed nest, since he’d found Winse and Pizzicato and Malihini out in the wasteland. Five months since he’d found Bola’s egg in Wind territory.

Five months since the plague and the deaths had started happening to them.

Lindro nosed her father and squeaked, little tail wagging. Zone smiled.

He had to think of the positives here. He still had two of his three in this clutch. He could’ve lost them all again. Take the good with the bad.

Things would get worse again soon. He’d best enjoy the break while he had it.


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