Can you feel the love tonight?

Histo buried his sparkling blue snout against Flin’s shoulder and breathed. The blue love-derg duo lay out in the empty plain beneath the stars, huddled close together. Unlike in the lair, bustling with noise from the newly-grown Fae and Safe’s two rambunctious newborns, the outdoors were peaceful and serene tonight.

Though Flin reminded her Wildclaw love to get used to the noise back in the lair. They would have to deal with that once they had hatchlings of their own.

If we have hatchlings at all,” Histo muttered.

“We will. If not now, then next time,” the blue poison-patterned Mirror reassured, nudging her mate’s snout. “Everything will be okay.”

“How can you be so optimistic?” Histo asked.

“You love me for it,” Flin accused. “And…I guess it’s because everyone else is so somber here. Someone needs to bring out the positives.”

“Wasn’t aware there were positives to death,” Histo joked lightly.

“Where there’s death, life comes. They’re two sides of the same coin, Histo,” Flin declared, head lifted toward the sky. “You can’t have one without the other.”

“Wouldn’t that be nice if we could?” Histo suggested.

“Then the planet would explode from overpopulation.”

“I doubt it’d explode, Flin,” Histo chuckled.

“You never know. It could,” the Mirror shrugged. She kept watching the sky. “…If we do have kids…I’m raising them in Swiftflight’s honor.”

Swiftflight, the brave Fae that had come with Flin from Ice territory and ended up joining their clan. Losis’ fallen angel. A Fae who died in Woodland Path as many others before her had. Histo hadn’t known her very well, but he knew she meant a lot to Flin.

“That’s fine with me,” Histo said, resting his head on her shoulder.

It was a nice night outside. He hoped they’d see many more still.


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