Day 146

1 - food gathering

Because I was gone for two days with friends, I absolutely needed to gather food. Not sorry at all.

2 - Crohn grown up

3 - Dys grown up

4 - Melli grown up

5 - Scrapie grown up

6 - Morquio grown up

Look at all these grown up Fae! Holy!

7 - Lindro growth

8 - Neo growth

These babies still need to grow…

9 - lair

And now with our new babies, we have 41 battle-ready dergs. Wow!

That, along with having HistoFlin as the last apparel nest right now, is making me consider going back to hard mode rules… Haven’t quite decided yet, though. Still scared of Scorched Forest. We’ll see.

10 - material drop

More writing! Woot woot!


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