Weekly Report 21

It’s been a long week and I lost two days of it. Mostly, we had the Thundercrack Carnivale going on for Lightning flight’s holiday week.

1 - holiday week

We hatched all three nests from last Weekly Report. All of PallPonti’s babies lived and have grown up alongside scavenged Crohn.

2 - Crohn grown up

3 - Dys grown up

4 - Melli grown up

5 - Scrapie grown up

We got to keep two of SafeZone’s newest babies. Only lost one, poor Tay…

7 - Lindro growth

8 - Neo growth

20 - exalt Tay 2

ThraxRemia, sadly, lost both of their babies…

16 - exalt Riberi 2

18 - exalt Tulis 2

This week, we also got a trinket drop for another derg. I’m apparently on a Fae spree suddenly!

6 - Morquio grown up

As said earlier, I lost two days–yesterday and the day before. They are impossible to make up in this game so I will just continue forth as if I didn’t miss a day. Thus me continuing with Day 146 rather than skipping two days and going to Day 148. That’d make no sense, right?

We have HistoFlin on the nest for apparel starting tomorrow. Our final apparel nest as of right now. With 41 battle-ready dergs, I’m contemplating returning to Hard Mode rules despite my fears of Scorched Forest killing everything except my Level 9 dergs. It’s not official yet, I’m still thinking on it! But it’s a possibility for the near future!

Now onto what is in the Vault, minus Lymph and Histo’s familiars:

1 - food 1

2 - food 2

3 - materials 1

4 - materials 2

5 - apparel

6 - familiars

7 - battle items

8 - other

Also contemplating putting Lymph and Histo’s familiars in the Vault in order to keep track of familiar drops. Not too worried about that now, though.

That’s all.


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