Day 149 part 1

1 - HistoFlin three days

Three days…

2 - scavenging and hunting

Used half of my gathering turns to scavenge and half to hunt…because I was out of meat. Gotta feed those Wildclaws, right?

3 - Dys chest apparel

4 - Shior chest apparel

More chest apparel~!

5 - meat drop

50 battles. Whoo…

Let’s see who goes!

6 - Morquio

Morquio goes in for the first time!

7 - Dreamer

Hey, Dreamer, been a while since we last saw you!

8 - Lassa

Same to you, Lassa!

9 - party

So we get to go to Training Field again. Yay!

That will be tomorrow, though. It’s been a late night and I’m tired. Battles and writing will be done tomorrow. Night!


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