Day 149 part 2

Okay, onto yesterday’s 50 battles in Training Fields!

Battle 1

after battle 1

So easy, besides the poor EXP amount. Maybe because Dreamer is nearly Level 7?

Battle 9

after battle 9 - level up

after battle 9 - Morquio level 2

Better late than never, I guess.

Battle 26

after battle 26 - level up

after battle 26 - Morquio level 3

At this rate, I don’t think Morquio will level up again today…

Battle 29

after battle 29 - level up

after battle 29 - Lassa level 6

…but Lassa will! Hooray!

Battle 50

after battle 50

All done! Woot woot!


Morquio level 3

Lassa level 6

Slow leveling today thanks to the Level 6 pair…


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