Day 151

Yeah, about that lair list thing I was going to do yesterday. At this point, with 45 dergs, it would’ve taken eternity. And the more pictures I put in a post, the longer it takes the Insert Image window to appear…so yeah… Sorry, but it’s not happening.

1 - HistoFlin one day

One day…

2 - LymphAnde four days

Four days…

3 - SafeZone nest

Time for the mandatory progen nest! And it’s a four-egg nest this time! Yay!

4 - SafeZone five days

Five days…

5 - material drop

More writing! Yay!

Also, because I have so many dergs and no incoming apparel nests to fill, I am switching this back to Hard Mode. Pity anyone that gets paired with my Level 9 crew…


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