Day 154 part 1

1 - Tigo growth

2 - Papillo growth

So much growth!

3 - LymphAnde one day

One day…

4 - SafeZone two days

Two days…

6 - Melli chest apparel

7 - Lio chest apparel

8 - Lindro chest apparel

Got a bunch of chests from familiar bonding, so more dress-up things! I especially love Lio’s sweater, his Cherub gene adds to it nicely!

9 - lair expansion 1

10 - lair expansion 2

Finally got my next lair expansion. Now I can have up to 65 dergs!

not that Hard Mode will let me get near that number

5 - meat drop

Oh, 50 more battles! Yay! *sarcasm*

11 - party generation

Let’s see who goes now and what deaths may occur!

12 - Ponti

Ooh, Ponti’s first time in the Coliseum!

13 - Theria

Been a while, Theria!

14 - Winse


15 - party

Welp, my biggest fears have occurred! We’ll be off to Scorched Forest to watch Ponti die and probably Theria too. Yay!

But that won’t be until tomorrow because it’s really late. I’m totally not trying to wimp out on watching more of my dergs die. Especially another new mom…


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