Day 154 part 2

So here we go with the 5o battles in Scorched Forest. Let’s see if this will end better than last time I tried.

Battle 1

battle 1 - Ponti nooo

Welp, saw that one coming.

battle 1 - Theria nooo

Okay, I was really hoping that wouldn’t happen.

battle 1 - fleeing from Scorched Forest

Look at the turn order bar to the left. See how many turns the Gyres have? In a row? Yeah, nope, I’m out. Screw Scorched Forest for the second time.

Ponti exalt 2

Ponti exalt 3

Tryp’s only daughter is now dead.

Theria exalt 2

Theria exalt 3

Congrats, Winse, on getting your daughter killed too.

battle 1 - Winse alone to Woodland Path again

Winse, you have so much blood on your hands that it’s not even funny. You could make professional killers quiver. lol

Anyways, Scorched Forest is a bust…again. Back to Woodland Path!

Battle 1 (since I fled before, it didn’t count, no EXP was earned)

after WP battle 1

Soloing this place for the second time~!

Battle 50

after battle 50

It took me…and hour…to get through there. I’m almost all out of Potions that heal over 100HP. Not good.

No RESULTS section because no levels were gained, only death.


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