Day 155 part 1

1 - Tigo growth

2 - Papillo growth

So much growth!

3 - SafeZone one day

One day…

4 - LymphAnde hatch

Time to see what they get this time!

5 - hatchlings

OMG, the last one! Pinkerton, let me have him, please!!

6 - Necro - Necrotizing fasciitis

First is Necro…from necrotizing fasciitis…

7 - Uma - rheumatism

Then we have Uma…from rheumatism…

8 - Chizo - schizophrenia

Last is Chizo…from schizophrenia…

Now to see who lives and who dies!

9 - bye Necro

Well, Necro dies.

10 - bye Uma

Uma dies too.

11 - keep Chizo

OMG, yes! I get to keep Chizo!

12 - exalt Necro 1

13 - exalt Necro 2

Goodbye, Necro…

14 - exalt Uma 1

15 - exalt Uma 2

Goodbye, Uma…

Nothing cool found while scavenging. Gah!

16 - insect drop

More Coliseum time. 30 battles.

17 - lair 1

18 - lair 2

19 - lair 3

20 - party generation

Now to see who goes this time!

21 - Thrax

…Great. Thrax already sent us to Scorched Forest again. Thanks, buddy!

22 - Pall

Oh no, not Pall! The Fae babies already lost their mom. Don’t kill dad, too!

23 - Lymph

Thanks for adding the icing on our burnt cake, Lymph!

24 - party

Well, I’m pretty sure Pall is gonna die. I’ll go spend all of my treasure and gems on Potions that heal more than 100HP since I wasted almost all of those to keep Winse alive this morning.

These battles will be done tomorrow. I’ve got to get up in seven hours, so I need to sleep. Night.


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