Day 155 part 2

Onto the 30 battles in Scorched Forest hat I couldn’t do yesterday!

Battle 1

after battle 1

This is hard…but doable now that I’ve spent all my treasure on potions that heal 250HP and 500HP.

Battle 9

after battle 9 - level up

after battle 9 - Thrax leveled up somewhere

after battle 9 - Pall level 5

Thrax leveled up earlier but it was while the Coliseum kept freezing, so I didn’t register is happened until Pall leveled up and I could add to both of their stats. Yeah…

Battle 14

battle 14 - Pall nooo

…I was almost halfway… And wasn’t that the same combo that murdered me the first time I entered Scorched Forest??

Pall exalt 2

Pall exalt 3

Well, now the Fae babies have lost both of their parents. Yay…

after battle 14 - party of two

This leaves my high level guys…but…

after battle 14 - back to Woodland Path

I’m running back to Woodland Path. Scorched Forest loves throwing triple Centaurs or triple Gyres at me, which both equal death. I’ve lost enough today, thanks!

Battle 30

after battle 30

There! All done! Gah!


Thrax level 8

Congrats on your level, Thrax.

RIP Pall…


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